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Michael Goldstein

Chief Revenue Officer, Ting


Michael has spent over 20 years fostering love between customers and brands.

He spent much of his career in account management roles on the agency side, most recently at Ogilvy & Mather in New York. He has journeyed from orange juice, spaghetti sauce and chewing gum to stock trading tools to domain names to mobile phone and Internet service. Along the way, he has made a lot of television commercials and print ads and optimized a lot of websites. But he is happiest when he is talking to customers.

Michael worked at Tucows for just one year in 2000 during the launch of OpenSRS and then returned in 2009, this time making the move from New York to Toronto.

He earned his undergraduate degree at Duke University in North Carolina. He did not play hoops there, but only because he was very focused on his studies.