Demand generation and assessment phase commences immediately. Construction to begin as soon as early 2017.

TORONTO, ON – SEPTEMBER 21, 2016 – Ting, a division of Tucows (NASDAQ: TCX, TSX: TC) is pleased to announce that Centennial, CO will be the next town to get crazy fast fiber Internet from Ting.

Ting Internet continues its commitment to bringing dedicated symmetrical gigabit fiber optic Internet infrastructure and the fastest Internet access to smaller towns and cities in the US. Centennial, CO, population 107,201 (2014 Census) will be the largest Ting town by population to date.

With the launch of the local page, demand assessment begins immediately. Pre-orders are being accepted in Centennial starting today.

“Centennial has been refreshing to work with”, said Elliot Noss, CEO of Tucows. “Centennial’s approach to partnering with Ting has been excellent. They have found a great balance between being business-friendly while deeply serving the needs of their citizens. They understand how these need not be in conflict.”

“Having Centennial as Ting Internet’s first Colorado market is an honor and one that we are very excited about. The critical infrastructure has been in place throughout the City, we just needed the opportunity to partner with an organization such as Ting to provide service to our residents and businesses,” says Centennial Mayor Cathy Noon. “I would like to recognize and thank Council Members Whelan, Piko and Lucas for serving on the fiber steering committee. Their leadership and guidance has led us to see the City’s dark fiber network become a reality.”

“Ting Internet in Centennial will enable faster and more affordable Internet services for both residents and businesses, just as the City’s Fiber Master Plan intended. Technology, and in particular connectivity to the Internet, has become essential to everyday life, so much so that we experience withdrawals when it is not there. Data connectivity needs to be efficient and readily available, and it is at its best when it, ‘just works’ and you don’t have to think even about it. Bringing such a high level of service to Centennial is what makes this collaboration with Ting so exciting,” says Mayor Pro Tem and District 4 Council Member Charles “C.J.” Whelan.

Pending demonstrated demand, network construction will begin in Centennial as soon as early 2017.

To get to the pre-order stage, a town passes a series of checks and balances: availability of a fiber backbone, population, density, local permitting and many other factors are considered before Ting Internet formally expresses its intent to bring crazy fast fiber Internet service to a town. With these boxes checked, Ting takes a gauge of demand on the ground by raising awareness of gigabit fiber Internet and then opening up to accept pre-orders.

“Pre-orders determine not just whether Ting Internet comes to a town, but they also impact where network construction begins,” said Adam Eisner, VP of Networks for Ting Internet.

Ting Internet pursues arrangements with MDUs (multiple dwelling units, buildings that normal people usually call apartments or condos) in Ting towns, including arrangements where Ting crazy fast fiber Internet is an included amenity for residents.

Elliot Noss and other members of the Ting executive team are always available for interviews and for commentary on fiber and Internet industry happenings.

Elliot Noss on why Ting chose Centennial, CO as the next Ting town:

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