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VP Tools 1.7

VP Tools is our package of VectorWorks add-ons.

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It's very easy to download, install and try. Inside you'll find more than 30 new tools and commands. Freeware stuff included: (free to use even if you don't pay): VP Magic Wand (select by attributes, class or type with a click!) Ungroup PIO-Make Symbol command Quick preference toggles like Display-Hide Line Thickness and Use Sound Rotate 45 command VP Simple Opening object VP Simple Frame object (Simple Mode) VP Annotative Marker (Default marker and simple title only on free mode) And for only US$36 you can use without limitations: VP Slab object VP Simple Door VP Simple Window VP Poly Clip tool VP Multiple Extend tool VP Simple Frame object VP Slope object 3 VP Wall thickness shorcuts VP Symbol Count object VP Area Calc object VP Worksheet object VP Annotative Marker (any symbol) VP Lineless Dimension tool Selection Sets Text Default Change text to Default Find and Replace Symbols