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Pure Vinyl 3

Digital LP playback, editing and archival; high-resolution digital music server.

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Linking analog LP playback with the precision of high-resolution digital music reproduction. * LP Playback / Recording / Editing / Archival * Precision Optimized 64-Bit RIAA Vinyl Correction Curve (IIR design, with phase response identical to analog RIAA correction) * High Resolution Music Server Software * Directly links audiophile caliber analog vinyl playback and the advantages of high-resolution (192 kHz / 24 bit) digital audio reproduction and recording / archival * Single point of integration for analog and digitally sourced music * Supports 192 kHz 24 bit Sampling for State of the Art, High-Resolution Digital Quality * Painstakingly Designed to Preserve the Warmth, Clarity and Dynamics of Vinyl Reproduction * Pristine, 64 bit (Double Precision) Floating-Point Internal Signal Path for No Added Distortion 6 * Helps Optimize Turntable Setup by Providing a Repeatable Baseline: Just Record and Compare