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Genius Vision Network Video Recorder 6.55

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<p>Genius Vision NVRis a full featured application that allows you to turn your webcam, mobile phone, home PC to a full-fledged IP/CCTV remote video surveillance system.<br /><br />The applications supports multiple brands of IP cameras, including AXIS, Arecont Vision, VIVOTEK, ACTi, IQinVision, JVC, SONY as well as USB web cameras and RTSP video sources.

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7 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 2008 Server
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<br /><br />In order to understand all the product features, you can watch <a target="_blank" href="">these videos</a>.<br /><br /><strong>NOTE</strong>: Free for Non-Commercial Use Only.</p> <p><span style="color: blue;"><b>Here are some key features of "Genius Vision NVR CmE":</b></span><br /> <br /> Full remote control through Internet Explorer with built-in web server.<br /> Fast playback and SmartSearch up to 512 times and higher speed.<br /> 360 Panorama in both live and playback mode.<br /> Live view up to 256 cameras per monitor. Multiple monitor support up to 6 monitors.<br /> Synchronized playback up to 25-channels.<br /> Intelligent video analytic function, as well as software-based motion detection.<br /> Commercial-grade enterprise architecture: Designed to process huge multi-mega pixel data streams. Disk-optimized high performance recording engine. Fully support multi-core processors to boost your system performance. Long-time tested against stability.<br /> Smooth digital Pan-Tilt-Zoom with mouse wheels.<br /> Comprehensive time-bar for recorded data review.<br /> Fully customizable user tree for surveillance logic planning.<br /> E-Map: Allows user to edit map and choose arbitrary location and angle of a camera icon, which reflects camera status in real-time. Support inter-map linking/navigation/browsing. Allows viewing/editing in remote site transparently, also with arbitrary resizing and rotating.<br /> Google Map integration.<br /> Powerful trigger policy rules.<br /> Central management station (CMS) architecture for large scale installation.<br /> Support 3GPP mobile phone video streaming.<br /> Support Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras<br /> User friendly tutorial, automatically guide you the operation of the system.<br /> Group-based multi-level multi-user permission control.<br /> Support various video and audio codecs.<br /> Run as Windows service. Engine can be configured to auto-start recording even without user login nor any GUI activated.<br /> Software watchdog. Automatically restart service upon unknown failure.<br /> Seamless integration of live and playback interface. Live and playback is tightly integrated. User can instantly play backwardly from live.<br /> SDK for web application integration.<br /> Digital matrix wall support - remotely configure monitor layout.<br /> </p>