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GlassCalc 1.15

file size: 3.79 MB

GlassCalc is a simple calculator with extensive support for mathematical expressions.

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7 / XP / Vista
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Instead of using buttons, it has a text-only input and keeps a full history of expressions and results. It also has support for user-defined functions and variables, automatic updates, and other features designed to make calculations as simple to enter and evaluate as possible.

GlassCalc supports: -Complex mathematical equations in a format very similar to Microsoft Excel -Degree and radian trigonometric modes -Comprehensive list of default functions. See for a full list. -User variables: "x=4+1" sets x to 5. unset x deletes x -User functions: "f(x)=x^2+1" creates a new function "f" that computes a value squared plus one. unset f() deletes it. -Coefficients: "4x^2" is evaluated as "4*x^2" -Solving equations: solve "x 1? x^2+3x-10=4" solves x^2+3x-10=4 for x with an initial guess of 1. -Supports input and output in any base from 2 to 36. -User variables, functions, and the history can be remembered when closing GlassCalc and restored when reopening the program. -Lists of variables and functions can be saved to a text file and recalled later. -A whole bunch of other stuff too!