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Mbox2xml 2.0

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Backing up emails can be a cumbersome task, and the results are often not very user friendly nor easily accessible.

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98 / 2k / XP / Vista
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These are the reasons that Mbox2xml was created.

We thought an email backup tool should have the following properties:

* Easy to use. * The backups should be easily accessible, both for humans and computer software. * The tool should allow for automation so it can easily be integrated with existing back-up methods.

Therefore it was decided that the program should store the exported emails in an XML format which, together with a provided stylesheet, can be viewed in any modern webbrowser, no matter where the backup is stored. Also, XML is easily imported into existing software solutions. And finally, Mbox2xml has both a graphical user interface for ease of use, and a command line version for easier automation.