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Service Desk CRM 1.17.x

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This software works with 2 modules:

One must be installed on computers that will take the calls.

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7 / NT / 2k / Me / XP / Vista
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This resembles an MSN and stays inm the icon tray near the clock.

It only appears when there is a call by issuing a voice alert and opening a window, where you can start a chat, pass the call to another attendant or reject the call.

The other module is a simple HTML code to paste on the page where the online/offline icon should be inserted and will serve to indicate whether there are attendants on-line or not.

Simple quick and easy.

It also has a CRM module that provides a contact form to be inserted into your website, through a simple line of code.

This feature will allow you to manage all contacts via support tickets, organizing contacts with customers.