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acslX Calc 1.0

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acslX Calc is a scriptable scientific and engineering calculator which uses a subset of the the popular M language for technical computing (e.g., the language used by MATLAB and Octave).

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XP / 2003 / Vista
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acslX Calc includes the analytical engine of the award-winning acslX environment for modeling and simulation of continuous dynamic systems and processes, meaning simulations developed in acslX can be used in acslX Calc. Over 300 mathematical, scientific and engineering functions are available in areas including:

Data Analysis and Fourier Transform Functions Elementary Math Functions Elementary Matrices and Matrix Manipulation Nonlnear Numerical Functions File I/O and Data Import/Export Numerical Linear Algebra Logical Functions 2-D and 3-D Plotting and Graphics Polynomial and Interpolation Functions Specialized Math Functions Text Manipulation Functions

Analyses including optimization, sensitivity analysis, parameter estimation and Monte-Carlo analysis may also be performed in acslX Calc, and user-defined commands and functions may be easily added to acslX Calc.