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KontrolPack 2.0.1

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KontrolPack is a cross-platform remote shell command executor and a network manager.

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98 / XP / 95 / 2003
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The project\'s objective is to improve system interoperability by connecting remote computers, regardless of their operating system, and remotely executing shell commands over the network.

You can manage and execute shell commands in an identical way, whatever the operating system. You can get at any time an overview of your LAN activity and manage your network without difficulties.

Users who are using this software on a major operating system will be able to perform administrative tasks remotely on multiple computers that run on different operating system without any technical issues.

For example, from a GNU/Linux distribution, you can send an order to a hundred computers running MS Windows to restart or to defrag their root partition. You can also get IP addresses and routing tables of a bunch of computers in order to manage an area network. Also, if single commands are not enough, it is possible to execute batch files and scripts simultaneously throughout the network.