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PocketMac iCalScreenSaver 1.0

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Nothing hurts more than a missed appointment...

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...whether it's lunch with a friend, a doctor's appointment or a phone call with a customer, it hurts. Now there's a revolutionary tool that makes sure you never miss an appointment again.

Imagine how it would feel if, every time your screensaver popped up, all of your appointments for the month would be right in front of you. Well, that's exactly what you get with PocketMac iCalScreenSaver.

This new tool projects all of your relevant iCal appointments in an attractive screensaver format and cycles through day by day, week by week until you can see your entire month in front of you. Even better, it's incredibly easy to setup and configure.

Within 5 minutes, you're up and running. Install the screensaver. Configure it. And then walk away from your computer.

When you're eating lunch in front of your inactive Mac, your appointments are there.

Work from home? If you take a quick exercise break. Every time you come up for a crunch, your monitor displays your calendars.

On a long phone call? Look back at your monitor. There they are, all of your appointments. Now, impossible to forget or miss.

How Does It Work?

It's so simple. Once you've installed your screensaver, you need to do nothing else. Just let it run.

Not only does it show your current appointments but, you can customize PocketMac iCalScreenSaver completely. Here's how...

PocketMac iCalScreenSaver comes in 4 different themes: Sunset, Blue-Grey, Tangerine and Green. You can decide which color scheme you like the best and watch as your appointments dance before your eyes.

PocketMac iCalScreenSaver can show only the calendars you want displayed. Your business appointments show up at work, and your personal appointments are displayed at home!

And don't worry about those private appointments. With a click, you can make sure that only your public appointments are viewable. Your personal meetings stay personal.

For the price of a coffee and a sandwich ($9.95), you can save yourself the disappointment of another missed appointment with the full version. Forever.

You'll love the ease and power of this software, guaranteed!


The PocketMac Team (866) 762-5622