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iCalcMemo 1

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Are you satisfied with your computers default calculator?

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15 Days
XP / Vista
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* How do you feel when you need to add ten values and make a mistake on the ninth and have to start over?

* How often do you have to open a large spreadsheet application just to do a simple calculation?

* How often do you struggle finding your simple calculations using your large spreadsheet application?

* How often do you have to retype values that you find on the Internet, for example, in word or PDF documents, e-mail or other text to perform simple calculations?

Welcome to aCalcMemo and... be more productive!

iCalcMemo enhances the fundamental capabilities of our desktop calculator, while being easy to use. Its a powerful calculator anybody can use:

* you can enter the numbers, get the result and modify your data entry at any time

* you can add comments in the formula

* you can print the result

* you can paste text and numbers combined in iCalcMemo, and let it perform the calculations without further intervention.

* you can define up to ten variables of your choice.

* you can archive and search any stored calculation with the search engine.

* you can analyze text to get a numeric result. For instance, you can take notes on your mobile device or you can copy a web page or an email, paste them into iCalcMemo and perform the calculation.