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DocArchitector Pro 1.0

file size: 13.48 MB

DocArchitector Pro 1.0 is a standalone software application with powerful features that automates every aspect of help and manuals development in CHM format.

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30 Days
XP / Vista
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DocArchitector Pro 1.0 provides all necessary features for developing professional help files and manuals in CHM format: WYSIWYG HTML Editor with all necessary tools for creating HTML pages, HTML Code editor with syntax highlight, HTML Pages Compiler to CHM file, Project navigation, Help Content manager, Intuitive and easy-to-use customizable user interface, Integration with other system parts etc. DocArchitector Pro 1.0 is integrated with additional tools to better meet users requirements: Screenshotmaker for screen capturing, ScreenOnVideo for creating and editiong video files and GraphicsEditor for editing pictures.