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CustomerReach Live Chat Server 4.0

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CustomerReach Live Chat Server is a live chat product that allows companies to pay a one-time fee for a customer service desktop product as an alternative to enrolling in a monthly subscription service.

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14 Days
2k / XP / 2003 / Vista
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The CustomerReach live chat software gives businesses the opportunity to chat with customers while they are visiting the company website to provide help and support, which in turn increases customer satisfaction, increases conversion rates and reduces shopping cart abandonment. In addition, CustomerReach offers unique benefits such as a supervisor monitoring option and the ability to have more than one agent in a chat to ensure no question goes unanswered. CustomerReach is a desktop instant messaging chat system. Rather than using html polling to check periodically for online customers, CustomerReach uses a socket connection, which allows the software to perform more efficiently and reliably with lower latency. The result is smoother, faster communication. Other features of CustomerReachs live chat software include an easy-to-use interface with agent-to-agent chat capabilities, automatic spell checking, keyword monitoring, which allows an agent to see which key words a customer may have used to find the website, full customization, and a knowledgebase that stores informative articles and documents accessible by web link, which an agent can send easily to the customer. In addition, customer service agents can view a visitors geographic location using the geolocation feature, which helps inform agents of other possible cross-selling opportunities. Businesses can experience the benefits of a live customer service chat program that allows greater security, ease of use and data control while lowering the total cost of ownership.