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Spot 1.9.1

file size: 11.12 MB

Finally, advanced DXCluster management for OS X amateur radio operators.

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Spot allows you to chase the DX that really matters by putting you in charge of which DX spots you need to see and alarming you when they appear.

Experience power of your favorite DXCiuster's filtering capabilities with the elegance and ease of use of OS X.

Reach your DX'ing goals in record time with Spot, the only intelligent DXCluster program for OS X.

* Compatible with your favorite DXCluster: DX Spider, AR Cluster, CC Cluster, DxNet, Wincluster and AK1A. * Easy to define DX spot and announce filters without knowing any of the DXCluster commands. * Identify DX callsigns that utilize ARRL's Logbook of The World, as Spot can make these spots appear in bold italics. * Filter out spots or announcements from specific callsigns or contain bad words. You enter the callsigns and bad words to suite your needs. * Define up to 10 alarms, based on band/mode/callsign definitions Can choose from a selection of alarm WAV files, email notifications, Growl alerts. * Band map screen allows a quick visual check on activity in your favorite band segment. * Quickly access a callsign's page on with the click of your mouse. * Up-to-date solar conditions, refreshed every 3 hours. * Automatically maintains latest list of DXCluster telnet stations as well as country definitions (Cty.Dat). * Configure Spot as a server for the programs you use that use DX Spots. Up to 10 programs can connect to Spot at once. * Graphical interface for the cluster mail system. * Enhanced problem reporting, send error reports to Abroham Neal Software directly from the program. * Easy license conditions: 30 day free usage (full features) and after that, sessions limited to 15 minutes. Once purchased, you can run on any computer that you own. 30-day money-back guarantee, you cannot make a mistake buying Spot!