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Catapult Garage

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The ITSBITS Catapult Garage is a collection of essential tools no one should be without--there's something for everyone to love.

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2k / XP / 2003
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Multiple custom desktops help speed your work and they won't change when you plug into a different monitor or use a projector. Navigate directly to the folder you want--even if it's on a different machine on your network--instead of always having to navigate from "My Documents." Show off your pictures as a background or a slide show, and lots more. The technical support workshop has paid for itself many times over--bringing together a quick look at your network connectivity, your memory specs, your disk-usage specs, and 1-screen, 1-click access to lots of diagnostic tools you normally have to search for. Store your personal information in an encrypted file you can share with one other person. Ditto for your emergency information and a personal inventory of your valuable possessions, complete with one or 2 pictures of each item. Then there's the mass-change option that lets you designate a group of files where one or more changes need to be done. Tell it what to change and go out for lunch. Hundreds of files can be done in minutes. What a life-safer! Thinking of borrowing money or buying an expensive car? Here are the tools to see what it will really cost and how to save some money. This tool can, literally, save you thousands of dollars. Find that just-right color for a website. Resize, rotate, even watermark images. Generate the HTML or file-path code to get to the images. Set an alarm or a simple "egg" timer. Have multiple specialty browser windows open and viewable at the same time. And there's still more to see. It's a great package with so many features you'll have to love it.