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erUpload for Aperture 2.0

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bermind, Inc.

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15 Days

is pleased to announce the latest addition to our family of critically acclaimed products. berUpload for Aperture takes the industry-leading export functionality of ApertureToFTP Pro and turbocharges it with an expanded list of upload protocols and a significantly enhanced user interface.

Server favorites are now easily organized using nicknames and collections. Supported connection protocols have been expanded to allow both FTP and SFTP connections, facilitating safe and secure uploads of your images to various remote file servers. After connecting to a file server, users are presented with a familiar Finder-style interface allowing them to select an upload destination using either column or list views. While connected, easily create new folders, choose folder permissions, and search remote files. Users also have the choice to use zip compression on files before uploading, offering significantly faster transfer speeds for uncompressed image exports. (tiff, psd) Exports are performed using an enterprise-grade transfer engine, ensuring dependable and efficient uploading of your image assets.