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EnjoyMyMedia Netcasting Transmitter 2.0

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Privately share photos, video, mp3's, docs, files with friends & family.

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2k / XP / 2003
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Simple, safe & free.

By transforming a personal computer folder into a personal broadcasting channel, EnjoyMyMedia turns the simple act of saving a file into a way to stay in touch. These private channels filled with personal media--photos, videos, music and docs, whether on your PC, the Web or paper--are broadcast over the Internet only to friends and family. EnjoyMyMedia is a free, simple, safe way to regularly share your life.

The Transmitter will help select folders to Netcast and invite people to subscribe to your channels. When a file is saved or edited in these folders, subscribers channels automatically update. Subscribers need not install software and channels are live and conveniently accessible on My Yahoo, Google, Vista Sidebar, Nintendo Wii, smart phones, Facebook, browsers or any RSS system.

EnjoyMyMedia allows more of the personal media that records your life to be shared. You'll be able to share the photos and videos imprisoned on your computer, the pictures and accomplishments stuck to your refrigerator door and all your new memories as they're made simply by saving them to your PC.

Others help you occasionally share files or make new friends. As a simple, safe way to regularly share your life, EnjoyMyMedia is different: more a communications than social networking tool, it won't help you make new friends but will help you stay in better touch with the ones you already have.

The EnjoyMyMedia Personal Broadcasting System enables more media, types, occasions and life to be conveniently shared:

  • Digital and paper photos: direct scan to channel lets you share both.
  • Short and long videos: automatic conversion to streamable Flash so you can share the whole game not just your daughter's shot.
  • Electronic and paper documents: your son's A+ report from a print-out or Word file.
  • Special and everyday occasions: your 40th birthday and the kids just goofing around.
  • Online media too: medical information at WebMD, favorite TV shows at
  • Simple: You save files, they click links.
  • Unlimited: privately share as much as you like.

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