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Atific Video Collection 2.0.1

file size: 12.57 MB

Atific Video Collection copies from camera to DivX on the fly in real-time.

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30 Days
XP / Vista
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Atific Video Collection is the easiest and fastest way to copy videos from camera to PC and home theater players.

Simple to use: Connect the camera to PC - Click once - Video is ready to play!

Thanks to the high performance Atific MPEG4 one-pass encoder, there is neither extra waiting time nor large temporary disk space required.

The MPEG4 compression of video and MP3 audio encoding minimize hard disk requirements and preserves high video and audio quality.

Easy to Use * One click transfer from DV tape to MPEG4 in Your Video Collection * Real time encoding of audio and video while transferring to a PC * Picture and sound quality optimized automatically * Camera auto detection * Supports encoding from video files and live stream from DV cameras and capture cards

Professional Picture Quality * Uses the Atific MPEG4 Professional video encoder * Support for multi-core processors and Hyper-Threading * Real-time HDTV encoding

Compliance * DV cameras and image capture cards with DV/Firewire-1394 and DV/USB * Most media and DVD players in addition to selected set-top boxes

Requirements * Windows XP SP2 / Vista * Intel P4/2GHz or AMD Athlon 64/2800+, 512 MB RAM

Recommended * DV compliant camera and a Firewire/1394 connection * DV compliant analog video capture device for VHS