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PDFClerk Pro 3.1

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A PDF creation tool that allows a large number of manipulations to existing PDF documents, as well as allowing the creation of PDF documents from non PDF material (such as graphics and text), or a mix of the two.

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It offers sensible default behaviour so that you can quickly create new PDF documents with both basic and more advanced layouts, and easily print booklets for personal use or for distribution to your clients, staff or students, etc. At the same time it provides flexible and advanced control over the layout of the final document so that you can create layouts that will fit your professional needs, whether for in-house printing, publication, distribution, etc. Some of the main features include imposition layouts (including step and repeat), merging and splitting documents, marking up pages with annotations, searching and extracting text, creating outlines (a.k.a bookmarks), creating pdf forms, document encryption, scripting with AppleScript, Python or Ruby.