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MemoQ 3.6

file size: 28.26 MB

MemoQ is an integrated translation/localization environment (ILE) that boosts the productivity of human translators while maintaining the high quality and increasing the consistency of translated texts.

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45 Days
7 / 2k / XP / 2003 / Vista

Forget about technical aspects of different file formats, recycle previous translations, ensure the consistency of your translations with the use of glossaries. MemoQ contains a translation memory engine that looks for already translated similar or identical sentences and offers you the translation for editing, a concordancing engine that finds all contexts of a word or expression in the history of your translations, a terminology engine that guarantees consistent use of expressions, a very efficient aligner that enables you to build translation memories from files not translated using MemoQ and leverage them into new translations, and all these serve you from a single environment. You don't need to use Word and other tools for translation anymore: MemoQ's cutting-edge user interface optimized for translation allows you to translate any file much quicker than ever before. MemoQ supports multiple file formats including MS Office formats, HTML, XML, Adobe Framemaker MIF, Adobe InDesign INX, XLIFF. MemoQ is a one-stop solution that covers almost all aspects of translation. The tool is also ideal for novice translators as MemoQ 4Free enables you to take advantage of a highly productive environment and translation memory technology without any investment - and it lets you estimate precisely how much you will save by using MemoQ while translating a document.