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Auto-Mate Pro for Outlook 2.2.0

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Auto-Mate Pro is an add-in for Outlook that allows you to define custom rules to process mail from your Inbox (or other folders) based on several criteria, including the age of the message.

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30 Days
98 / NT / 2k / XP / 2003
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While Outlook already provides a powerful set of rules, they can only be applied immediately when the message arrives, and not an hour, a couple days, or weeks later. Auto-Mate fills this gap an enables you to apply rules to messages that have been in your Inbox for a given number of minutes, hours, days, or weeks. You can even apply rules when you reply to or forward a message. Auto-Mate Pro even has a convenient Inbox Snooze feature.

Imagine starting Outlook with an empty Inbox every morning! Auto-Mate Pro is your personal assistant to help you get and stay organized and be productive. Auto-Mate Pro builds on the success of the Standard Edition. Here are some things you can accomplish with the Pro Edition:

-Automatically mark messages with colored flags. -Automatically assign messages to categories. -Change the importance level of messages. -Remove or export attachments from messages to reduce storage space. -Export email messages in multiple formats to a network folder, then delete the messages. -Automatically reply to messages that have been in your inbox for a certain period of time. -Automatically forward messages to a handheld device such as a Blackberry® or TreoTM. -Overcome Outlooks 32K server based rule limit. -Much much more, the possibilities are endless.