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RWX Remote Control 2.0

file size: 1.18 MB

This software is used mainly in the remote control that individuals or the network administrator carry on LAN or WAN.

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98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP / 95 / 2003
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1 File explorer:imitate windows resource explorer,you can copy,plaster,delete,rename,remote run and so on, you can upload or download file and document, the operation is easy and useful. 2 Remote control command:view remote system information,view clipboard,process management,windows management,out-device control,server management,shared management,proxy service,other controls 3 Scr control: not only you can capture remote computer screen continuously,but also local mouse and keyboard can be sent remote computer,the control function can come true. 4 Register Eidtor: remote register can be operated as if local register operated. 5 Remote communication:except voice monitor function,the ordinary letter sent function can be use. 6 Proxy service: you can supply socks5 instead of service function. 7 Command broadcast: it can command broadcast on auto login host,such as shutdown,reboot,open web and so on,click button can control to shut and other operatons on many computers at the same time.