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transScriber 1.7

file size: 1.93 MB

TransScriber is a small tool for playing back an interview sound file while you type the words spoken into your favorite word processor.

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98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP
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TransScriber can play sound files in a number of formats and lets you control the speed, pause, create bookmarks and navigate around the timeline of your interview, all while you are using your word processor in full screen.

TransScriber is modeled around the natural work flow of real humans :-) For instance, whenever you pause and then resume playback, transScriber can automatically rewind a few seconds. This allows you to review the sentence you just wrote before moving on. You can set this "auto rewind" to anywhere between 0 and 30 seconds.

Another feature is auto-saving your bookmarks for each file you've ever used, and remembering the 'play head' position between sessions, so you can continue where you left off. Other features are more technical in nature, such as accurate control of the playback.