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Worm Wars IV SE

file size: 5.52 MB

Worm Wars IV is finished after a whole year of work, and its more action packed than ever!

98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP
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This will be the last worm wars game, but if youre not a worm wars fan or have never tried any of them then I strongly urge you to try this one. Ive tried to make each of the games different in gameplay styles, number 3 was the more strategy-orientated sequel, while this one is at the opposite end of the scale with high-speed explosive action!

This time, the mouse control was scrapped and the keyboard is back! Most people agreed that the keyboard controls were better and simpler, and I do too. Also, the buying units thing has gone because, to be honest, it was a bit crap. Suddenly stopping in a middle of a firefight to buy several air strikes was just not how I wanted it to play, so now reinforcements are collected like weapons. Also (and this is a massive improvement) the levels scroll, no more fixed battlefield- once youve finished off the enemy ants, you can choose which direction to continue in. This means levels are about 10x larger and longer than before. The best way I can describe it is as a cross between destruction carnival and triumph war, but I cant go on about each feature in detail, try it for yourself. So what can you expect?

-8 huge action packed story driven missions including 2 bosses (and save function of course) missions range from rescuing a commander before the area gets nuked, fighting ants in the middle of a tornado and ploughing through the enemy defenses in a blizzard!

-Skirmish/Arcade mode! Create a quick game in seconds. Pick starting options, let the computer generate a random map and see how high you can score by fighting off the waves of ants. All the weapons and units from the single player game are included and you can even unlock characters from the single player game to fight by your side. In this mode you can also choose a cooperative 2 player option in which you team up to fight off the enemy.

-A total of 16 friendly and 5 enemy units! Some are old favorites like the heavy machine gunner, helicopter, and artillery but there are loads of new units like the sniper, medic, flame-thrower soldier, jet bomber, minigun tank, heavy missile tank (the list goes on)

-7 weapons to blow the ants away. Again, the old favorites return from the previous games like the minigun, flame-thrower, grenade launcher and rocket launcher!