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redmill calculator 8.0

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The RedMill calculator not only features everything of the windows-calculator or a normal desktop calculator but also has the following very usable functions integrated: - a history (like a paper strip) with the current calculations - 2 Memory-functions - the calculation of variants (2 calculations in one).

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98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP / 95
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- Print of one or both variants in MS Excel - VAT/Currency calculation - Rounding to various digits, incl. commercial rounding - save of the current values when quitting (to be activated) - snapshot function - time calculation (10:30 - 08:25) - logging (to be activated) - change size of the history (control strip) - Switch to a small box with entries only (less coverage of the background) - Supports German and English (can be changed every time)

With the calculation module you have more functions available: - define your own calculations (view rubrique calculation module) - Check for updates (manually) via internet - Online-Feedback via internet.

The calculation module is accessible over the corresponding menues in the calculator. With the calculation module you can: - define your own calculations - request entries from the user when executing the definition - make calculations including complex formulas - define algorythms - check for conditions - read and write data from and to the calculator - and create your program rendering your result from the definition upon execution. - send the results back to the calculator or into MS Excel

With the calculation module you can "program" your calculations in a simple way without needing to know any program languages. Click together your calculations and call them from the menu in the calculator.

The calculator as well as the calculation module is free of advertising and downloadable as freeware.