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This security application notifies you when it detects motion.

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30 Days
98 / 2k / Me / XP / 2003
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In addition to monitoring your computer's camera and detecting motion, IRCAS Alarm also lets you add emergency buttons, on and off key switches, and detection loops in your doors and windows. These alarm hardware components attach to your PC's ordinary RS-232 COM port, and let you use IRCAS Alarm to manage the security of your home. You can also attach multiple cameras, and monitor several rooms of your house simultaneously.

With support for mobile phones, you can remotely check or change the status of your alarm. You can log onto IRCAS' built-in server with a mobile phone, PDA, or ordinary computer to look at the images that IRCAS Alarm has taken, turn your alarm on or off, or check the current status of your alarm system.

When IRCAS Alarm senses motion, or when its burglar detection hardware senses that a door or window has been opened, it alerts you immediately. IRCAS Alarm can notify you by e-mail or SMS when it detects an alarm condition. The program keeps a permanent record of the camera images that it has captured, allowing you to check the alerts of your home while you're away. For an additional monthly service charge, you can store your images on IRCAS' secure servers.


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