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Crossword Wizard Lite 4.0.6

file size: 3.10 MB

This crossword puzzle application allows you to view onscreen and print puzzles with color graphic backgrounds.

Classic / OS X

It includes a built-in dictionary to generate word lists and clues. You can manually place words and regenerate a puzzle at any time to fit more words or use a different layout. You can export puzzles to the clipboard, for importing into a desktop publishing program, import word lists from clipboard, and import TAB and colon delimited word and clue lists. Crossword Wizard includes drag-and-drop support for files and graphics, preference control over font, size, color and columns. It provides puzzle hint control, include first letter, vowels or consonants, and can export puzzles to TIFF, PICT and BMP files. You can also save puzzles and solutions in HTML format.


Printing and saving are not available in the demo.


  • Mac OS 8.6 and later
  • MacOS 10.1 and later