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Servers Alive 4.1

file size: 10.04 MB

When this network monitoring program detects a down condition, it can respond with a variety of different user notifications and alerts.

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Limited to 10 entries
98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP / 2003
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The alerts include sending an e-mail that describes what is down, sending a page to an alphanumeric pager, creating a Web page, playing a sound or sending an instant message. The program can monitor up to 1,000 entries, including all basic TCP services such as POP3, SMTP, DNS, NNTP, SSH and FTP. It also monitors UDP services like CITRIX server, Radius and Quake II. It can monitor any Winsock device, the amount of free disk space, MMS streams, NT processes, Oracle databases, SQL servers, SNMP devices and Netware servers.