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Car Trak 4.11

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An e-a-s-y to use application that tracks automotive vehicle mileage, maintenance, expenses, and fuel economy using U.S., Metric, or U.K.

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30 Days
7 / 2k / XP / 2003 / Vista / 2008 Server / 2012 Server / 8
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measuments. The user-friendly interface presents a full analysis of Fuel, Maintenance, Repairs, and Other expenses in a concise "summary" fashion while keeping the full detail entries always available for examination or edits (if necessary). Available in a Personal ($25) or Commercial ($50) edition to suit your needs: * You can enter as much or as little as you want in order to track the 'categories' that interest you. * You can easily switch between vehicles in file using a convenient drop-down listing. * The program's Summary tab will furnish you with a 'snapshot' of your current expenses to date, along with key calculated and 'comparative' fields. * Vehicle data can be exported to a text file for later import into a spreadsheet or other program. * Scheduled Maintenance and Inspections can be set up for each vehicle in file by date, odometer, and/or engine hours. * A line or bar graph plotting the MPGs (or L/100km or KPL or MPL) for the last 10 fillups is displayed on the Fuel Log tab. * Reports include Scheduled Maintenance Due, Maintenance/Inspection List, Fuel Log/Expense (with several 'summary' options), Fuel Costs and Fuel Economy graphs, Service Log/Expense (with several 'summary' options), Total Expense (with several 'summary' options), Vehicle Listing, and Vehicle Statistics and Summary. All reports can be saved to an HTML file. * A Custom Report function allows you to view only the data you want to see and optionally print that data in a report.