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Girl 2.04

file size: 2.52 MB

This audio loop mixing tool lets you use your library of audio files, VST instruments or live audio input in any format to continuously loop the sound.

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Classic / OS X
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You can modify the sound within a module using the multi-mode filters, delay, granulator, ringmod or optional VST plug-in. You can also select smaller segments of the sound file. You can open any number of modules, limited only by the amount of RAM and the power of your computer's processor. The modules can be treated individually, or the playback speeds of the loops can all be synchronized to a tempo.

Mixing can be done with a mouse, Macintosh keyboard and MIDI. Sounds are automatically segmented into equal length pieces, and these segments can be played with a keyboard or sequenced with Girl's sequencers. Sound output is easily recorded into a stereo or multi-track file, or it can be directed to other audio programs with ReWire, DirectConnect or VST.