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Expert System Creator 1.7

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Decision Tree Designer represents business logic in the convenient form of a decision tree.

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Available nodes for a decision tree are decision nodes and action nodes. Decision Tree Debugger and tracing module let you test and debug the behavior of the decision tree after you integrate it in your application. With the rule viewer panel you can visualize all the rules that exist in a decision tree. Decision Table Designer represents business logic in the compact form of a decision table.

Both Decision Table Designer and Decision Tree Designer use Code Generator and Dictionary Manager modules to integrate your decision tables/trees in external C++/Java applications. A dictionary manages the user-defined types and data imported into decision table/tree from your C++/Java applications. The Code Generator module generates C++ and/or Java language code from a decision table/tree.

Decision Frame Designer is a rule-based expert system designer that allows you to design, debug, profile and generate code for your system. Decision Frame Debugger is a powerful debugger offering you the possibility to test your system against the two most popular expert system shells: CLIPS and JESS.