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Master Of The Skies - The Red Ace 1.0

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That's right; Dynamix is gone.

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98 / Me / 95
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They left more of a legacy than many people know. Before Starseige and Tribes, they crafted a wonderful arcade flight simulation series under the Aces name. Until now, no one had taken that magic and recrafted it for new gamers. Thanks to Small Rocket, we all can enjoy it again.

Bear in mind, this isn't Microsoft's Flight Simulator. Instead, Master Of The Skies: The Red Ace ditches the satellite-perfect terrain and the ungodly keystrokes to pinpoint what makes a flying game fun. With either the mouse, the keyboard or a joystick, you can fly around in the third person and shoot down other aircrafts. For some reason, this has much more appeal than the dictionary-sized manual that you have to read to play the other sims.

The demo is fairly limited, offering only two training courses and one mission. The full version offers four different planes, and over 25 missions in three locations, but you only get one of each here. Still, the great game engine and easy controls make Master Of The Skies: The Red Ace extremely pleasing.