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iSpellWell 2001.1

file size: 16.69 MB

iSpellWell is a program that makes learning fun!

Published by:
Trial Period:
60 days
98 / NT / 2k / Me
Cow Rating:

With a talking wizard and various testing levels, anyone can have a good time spelling.

First you have to enter your information so Merlin (the wizard) will know what to call you. Then he gives you either a test or a practice round, whichever you prefer. Merlin will then give you the word and a sentence using the word. Just type your answer in the box and wait for his reply. If at anytime you need the word or the sentence repeated, click the "word" or "sentence" box.

Sometimes Merlin speaks with a bit of an accent. So if you get a word wrong, don't worry! Just have him repeat it and take a guess.