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Orrery 1.2

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If you have ever wondered where the other planets are in relation to those of us living here on Earth, or wondered about the direction of the moon's orbit, man have I got a program for you!

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Take a trip into space with Orrery. This program allows you to watch the planets orbit the sun as fast or as slow as you like. And, as a bonus, you can find other less-significant planets and stars!

You can change the perspective, find out where the Equator is, view the orbit of other planets, and do so much more!

But "Houston, we have a problem." Whenever the program goes into action mode, it flashes white bars across the screen, which makes it almost unbearable to watch.

Still, there is much that can be learned from this program, though! This is a great way to please the astronaut in all of us!