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Mac Disk Explorer 1.0.4

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Mac Disk Explorer ingeniously searches all of your mounted drives (including network drives), looking for large files/folders that may have many smaller files, or even folders nested several levels deep.

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It will find disk-hogging applications and other collections of files that there is no other easy way to locate.

When you launch Mac Disk Explorer, it will bring up a window listing all your currently mounted volumes, including network-mounted volumes, floppies and external drives. Each volume shows statistics of the amount of space used and free. Double-click on a volume to open a window for that volume.

After the search is complete, double-click on a file or folder to have the file or folder opened for you in the Finder. Mac Disk Explorer runs on both PPC and 68K CPUs back to very early models. It is also MacOS 9 compliant and works with drives over 4GB.