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Script Tool Box 1.5

file size: 1.38 MB

Script Tool Box contains features that are not available in the current Script Editor and assists in the writing of AppleScript.

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Trial Period:
30 days
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By using Script Tool Box along with Script Editor you can enhance your productivity. It's effective for beginners and professionals.

Features of Script Tool Box:

  • Helps you perform the many repetive tasks that you do every day in writing your AppleScripts.
  • It has its own AppleScript dictionary.
  • Since it's attachable, it allows you to customize the application by attaching scripts to itself.
  • It has a Get Dictionary option that allows you to have easy access to a compiled list of scriptable applications.
  • File Path/Folder Path allows you to get the file path or folder path to a selected item, and then to paste the file path or folder path onto the clipboard.
  • Open clipboard allows you to have one-click access to the Finder's clipboard.
  • ASCII Table opens a window with an ASCII table so you can quickly see what ASCII number relates to which character and the characters name.
  • Run Script allows you to have a list of compiled scripts that can be run from within Script Tool Box.
Please read the documentation and visit the home page for more complete information.


Requirements: Mac OS 8.6 or higher; Power PC; 3 MB of available RAM.