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FindLines 1.2d1

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FindLines was developed by Jean-Claude Eischen during his research for his PhD at the Laboratory of Food Process Engineering headed by Professor EJ Windhab.

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FindLines measures the orientation angles and the lengths of line segments using an algorithm based on the Hough transform.

In addition to the line detection, FindLines retains some basic image processing features:

  • Invertion of the picture.
  • De-interlace of video fields.
  • Conversion of the picture to black and white.
  • Skeletonization of the content.
  • Finds the endpoints of the line segments.
  • Finds all clusters of adjacent pixels.

FindLines takes advantage of the Navigation Services of Mac OS 8.5. It also supports drag-and-drop. In addition, FindLines may be fully scripted via AppleScript.

For more detailed information, including on updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.


Requirements: FindLines best runs on Power Macintosh computers. For high resolutions of the orientation angle and large input images, a G3-processor with at least 128 MByte of RAM is preferred. Minimum requirement for small images and coarse resolutions is a Macintosh powered by a 68030 CPU (like the Mac IIsi) with at least 8 MByte of RAM. FindLines runs best under Mac OS 8.6 (or later). Minimum requirement is Mac OS 7.5. FindLines was also tested under the Classic environment (formerly called Blue Box) of MacOS X. There is work in progress to get FindLines running in the Carbon environment of MacOS X.