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CenterNet 1.5.1

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CenterNet allows you to simply enter your e-mail address, all the sites you want to submit and click on begin.

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If you manage a large site that is constantly updated, CenterNet lets you manage sets of search engines you can submit to, and you can save and open the submission criteria for later use.

Now with CenterNet, you can skip search engines that aren't responding with the addition of a "Skip" button. CenterNet also adds an import/export feature, making it more convenient to submit large batches of URLs.

For more detailed information, including on updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.


CenterNet is offered on a 15-day fully functional trial basis. Should you decide to use CenterNet past the 15-day trial, you must register for only $15 (personal version). Registering encourages us to update and improve CenterNet- and can make you eligible for free updates. Full Mac OS 9.0 support.