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The Reading Machine 1.0.3

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The Reading Machine is a solution for paced reading with electronic texts.

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Readers can choose from three reading methods: one to improve left-to-right-eye training, one for vertically scrolling text, and one for book-style reading.

Users can also choose to hear the text read aloud when using the book-reading method.

The Reading Machine allows users to select the reading speed, font, colors and layout that best fits their needs, and font and color settings can be saved as shortcuts for applying later with just one click.

After reading, students can get immediate feedback with computer-generated tests. These consist of fill-in-the-blank, multiple-choice (numbers and phrases), and paragraph-ordering questions. The Reading Machine creates the questions on-the-fly by analyzing the current text, and gives users visual and voiced feedback.

For added convenience, The Reading machine offers bookmarks and section markers to save places, conduct text searches, and use light-weight file utilities to remove line breaks and HTML tags.

Help is never far away with Voice or Balloon help for quick explanations, and a built-in User Guide is provided for deeper contemplations.

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