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Distant Suns 5.1

file size: 10.90 MB

Distant Suns is one of the premier desktop astronomy packages of all time.

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For both casual skywatchers and seasoned amateur astronomers, Distant Suns will take you from your home to the outer reaches of the Universe and back.

With Distant Suns, you may view the sky at the time of your birth, watch the sun set behind Saturn, land on Mars, or follow newly discovered comets.

Other features include:

  • Save and restore events options.
  • Different astronomical stories and tutorials for each night of the year.
  • The ability to create your own "space movies."
  • More than one hour of video files.
  • The ability to print out star charts for camping trips.
  • In-depth information for each star and planet is only a click away.
  • A catalog of more than 16 million stars.
  • An Event Alert system that will warn you of any upcoming eclipses and meteor showers.
Distant Suns is a wonderful package for the whole family. Check it out!


System Requirements: System: 7.1+ (8.0+ recommended); Processor: 68040+ (PowerPC 601 or better recommended); (68020,68030 not recommended) RAM: 6MB free (9MB or more recommended); Hard Disk: 20MB free HFS Extended (HFS Standard may require more); Screen Size: 640x480 minimum; Depth: 256 colors (thousands recommended); CD-ROM: Required only for CD-ROM version (4x recommended); Quicktime: Required for Power Mac, recommended for 68K.