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MacMolPlt 5.2.1

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MacMolPlt has a mouse-driven interface for real-time rotation, along with copy-and-paste functionality for interfacing to other programs, such as word processors or other graphics programs.

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MacMolPlt includes simple printing to color or black-and-white printers (publication quality). Multiple files can be opened at once, and it reads standard MolPlt (.mol) files punched out by GAMESS and READ by the X-windows program MolPlt.

You may now read in any GAMESS log or IRC file directly, thus creating animations of IRCs, DRCs and optimizations.

You may also import a $VEC group from any file (such as a GAMESS .DAT file).

There is some PDB file support, and MDL MolFile support is included. You may also paste GAMESS and Gaussian-92 style cartesian coordinates directly into the program.

Animation of Normal Modes and of IRCs and DRCs - including orbitals - is available.

Multiple GAMESS files can be grouped together to create a single animation!

Build molecules from scratch using cartesian coordinates!

A 24-bit color display with lighting and shading using QuickDraw is also available!