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Solar System Sim 2.1 Beta

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Solar System Sim simulates the N-body problem in three dimensions, but it uses a generalized r^p force law for any given p (whatever that means).

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Classic / OS X
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Anyway, it's a fun and educational bit of software that you'll enjoy, whether you're a solar system fanatic or not.

Options include choosing a variety of ways to display planets, stars and orbits. Examples are in the folder. It would make a great screen saver.

This next information is straight from the author:

    The simulation uses an attractive force between bodies which varies by the distance between them raised to a power of your choosing. The display can draw those bodies as mapped spheres and display them in real-time. The idea is to give a sense of "being there" within the constraints of the computing hardware. In addition, it can show the objects in red-cyan 3D, plot trails, give status information about the objects, and draw a star-filled background based on real data.

Please read the documentation and visit the home page for much more detailed information and instructions. It's really fascinating. You'll find information on menu use, mouse and keyboard controls, window options, and a lot more.