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NetDICT 2.5

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NetDICT accesses a number of Internet dictionary databases, including Webster's Revised Unabridged, the U.S.

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Gazetter, several computing dictionaries and several Bible dictionaries.

NetDICT is a client for the RFC2229 Internet dictionary (DICT) protocol. Use NetDICT to send queries to DICT database servers on the Internet.

You can also request a definition in a single dictionary or multiple dictionaries, or find out if a word or partial word can be matched in single or multiple dictionaries.

NetDICT allows access to two servers, supports multiple dictionaries, includes common server commands, and offers the option of synchronous or asynchronous modes.

For more detailed information, including on updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.


At this time uses several different DICT servers, and users requests are automatically routed to the appropriate server. This means that using the Server Menu to select a different server at will have little or no effect since your request will be routed automatically to the correct server. If there are changes to this policy, the authors will notify users through the NetDICT Web page and the NetDICT e-mail announcements list. NetDICT provides the option to customize your server selections. This can be very useful if your organization or school is running a DICT server on your network. However, adding other server choices pointing to won't provide any additional benefit. In other words, if you only use the servers, ignore the server choices.