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smIRCle 1.01a25

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smIRCle is an easy-to-use IRC chat client.

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It's a simple application that lets you participate in real-time chats over the Internet. smIRCle is loosely based on the sources of ircle 1.5.1 written by Olaf Titz back in 1990-92.

Features include:

  • Version Control Client alerts users whenever a new version is available.
  • Setup Assistant makes setting up smIRCle really easy.
  • Macintosh PPC and 68K versions identical in features.
  • IRCD 2.7-2.10 compliant. Updated to new server numbers identd (RFC 1413) implemented.
  • Multiple-server connection at once.
  • DCC and CTCP Protocol implemented. No MacBinary file transfers yet.
  • One-click operation for many basic features.
  • Live scrolling of text in channel windows (Netscape-like).
  • Apple Guide Help system.
  • Pop-ups for convenient actions on selected nicks.
  • List of Nicks on every channel. Visible even if its window is in background.
  • Notify/ignore lists.
  • Colors: Uses the mIRC coloring scheme. Sound: Configurable sounds for various events.
  • Drag-and-drop. You can drag text from and to smIRCle to send it to a #channel or to any other nick you have a /dcc or /query chat with.
  • Stats panel on the Actions: Panel where statistics about your connection are noted.

For more information, please read the documentation or visit the home page.


System recommendations: Any Macintosh or compatible computer with a 68020 or better processor running system version 7.1 or above. A 68000-based system like a Mac+ will not work. On systems lower than 7.5 you need to install the DragLib if you want to use drag-and-drop and the ThreadsLib and OpenTransport to enjoy the version control system (all available from Apple. smIRCle needs about 700KB for the 68K and about 900KB for the PPC version. Without virtual memory, the PPC version needs about 1.1MB, more if you are on a lot of channels at the same time.