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Finance 4.5.4

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Finance for Mac features a quick and easy setup, pop-up menus and a FileLink to speed data entry.

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30 days
Classic / OS X
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You can automatically calculate account overviews and search any account. It is fully compatible with Mac OS 9 and is Year 2000 compliant.

There are more than 200 enhancements in this version, including:

  • The ability to automatically sort dates of records as they are entered
  • A date and time control panel for "aware" formatting of dates
  • A calendar window for quickly selecting transaction dates
  • A number control panel for "aware" formatting of all currency fields and much more.

    For more detailed information, including on updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.


    System requirements: Mac OS 7.1 or later, a 68030 processor or later or PowerPC, at least 4 MB of RAM and up to 3 MB of disk space.