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MacDim 2.2.1

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MacDim is a small Mac that uses very little memory.

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Screens that haven't been used for a while can be dimmed. Monitors that support power saving can also be turned off.

To dim screen(s), just move the mouse or press a key.

MacDim protects your screen from burn-in and a too-high power consumption. Monitors that support power saving can be turned off. MacDim also supports password protection and launching of MacDim modules and other programs.

MacDim is a control panel. Install it by dropping the MacDim file (not the folder) on the system folder icon. The system will automatically place it in the right folder. Restart your computer to make MacDim load at startup. The MacDim icon will be visible at the bottom of the main screen if the dimmer loads correctly. To temporarily disable MacDim, press the mouse button during startup. Put the MacDim Modules folder anywhere on the hard disk. Avoid using multiple screen savers at the same time.

Please read the documentation or visit the home page for more detailed information regarding features and modules that run within MacDim.


System requirements: MacDim works on all Macintosh computers with system 7.0 or later and Color QuickDraw. Black and white monitors can not be dimmed, but if they support power saving they can be turned off. Grayscale monitors should work just fine.