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DarkSide of the Mac 5.0.6

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DarkSide is an application that serves as a "screen saver."

Screen savers are used to keep your Macintosh screen from "burning into" your monitor (having one image permanently etched into the phosphors of your screen).

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DarkSide works by presenting a series of moving images on the screen, and there are many to choose from. With this constant movement, DarkSide keeps any one image from damaging your Macintosh screen.

Some screen savers are System Extensions. They work by modifying your Macintosh computer's operating system, and as such they are often prone to breaking following new releases of system software.

They also can have bad effects on your applications.

DarkSide is just an application. It does all of its work the way normal Macintosh applications do. Because of this, it should not interfere with other applications on your Macintosh.

DarkSide is simple to install. Drag the DarkSide folder to wherever you'd like it to appear on your hard disk.


In order to run DarkSide of the Mac 5.0, you must present a series of moving images on the screen.