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DesignIcons: Collection 1

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DesignIcons: Collection 1 contains 40 8-bit icons in a variety of shapes, colors and designs.

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In addition, when clicked on, some of them have special effects. So get busy and start expressing your personality by using the ones that you like best.

How to use these icons:

  • Select an icon by clicking on it, then go to: File/Get Info.
  • Click on the icon in the File/Get Info window, then go to: Edit/Copy and close the window.
  • Select the icon you want to change into the new icon, then go to File/Get Info.
  • Click on the icon in the Get Info window, then go to Edit/Paste.

Now that these icons are shareware, the author has decided provided a download that contains five sample icons for use. If you like these icons and the visuals of the rest, please send the author the shareware fee, and he will send a .sit file containing the entire set.

Please read the documentation for more information, including on how to contact the author.


These icons cannot be used for commercial purposes. if you want to use them for commercial use, then send the author a dollar.

These icons can be used on Mac OS 7.5 or later.