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Icon Archiver 4.0

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The Icon Archiver is an extremely powerful database, specifically designed for easy icon storage and retrieval.

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It can quickly scan whole disks or folders and grab all the icons they contain, including those you wont ever see in the Finder, as well as icon archives created by other icon utilities.

It can easily export them in most graphics formats, including the ones you need for your Web pages.

Drag and drop functions are fully supported, allowing you to create or "stick" custom icons by simply dragging them around.

All icons are compressed on the fly to save memory and disk space, and archives can contain a large number of icons (unlike most other icon utilities, which are limited to storing a few hundred).

Advanced features include the ability to remove duplicate icons and sort them by shape, or filter them by size and color depth. You can also view them in many different ways.

The Archiver includes native PowerPC code, and its icon-handling routines are highly optimized for maximum speed.